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More House Cleaning

After selling out of the overstock shop inventory, I have been bottling up the last of the perfumes in the Atelier and Modern Collections.

I have been so behind in all of this. Live and learn.

We do not have enough of the 50ml tall square crimp bottles to continue bottling in this size, so I have gone to a 30ml bottle with screw on atomizer, for the remaining stock on these perfumes.

They are being sold unboxed, because I do not have labels set up for a box of this size, so the difference is reflected in the lower pricing.

So grateful for everyone who continues to support Soivohle. It will take me a minute to get reorganized, but feeling good about it so far.

For those who misunderstood what has happened. Again, I have not gone out of business, or stopped making perfume. I only closed the scent bar that was in my studio at the art center.

I no longer sell perfumes in person at the studio.

As for the brand. I have a new collection that is set to launch in a few weeks. I have been sitting on this for over a year. The time was never right and my time was always limited as I had been trying to do too many things.

Thanks Again, Liz

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