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Freedom of The Mind

A snippet of words from Virginia Woolf's a Room of Ones Own. Has been bouncing around in my head for awhile as I think about how to translate my painting of the same name, to scent. I spent two years working on my Woolf Series and this one keeps popping up. Those words keep popping up.

It is the title of a painting. With this series I took pages from an old copy of the book to use as collage pieces. This particular one is where she uses those words. I feel like I have lost my way a bit since working on those paintings. I have been a mission without a cause, an empty suit wandering around waiting for the next sprinkling of magic dust to penetrate my skin, hijack my brain and kick me in the ass.

Virginia has been everywhere lately. Social media quotes, imagery etc... It isn't her birthday, so I will create my own scenario and imagine that is in fact that magic dust penetrating my skin.

Skin. that... brings it all full circle.

Once I settled the bet with myself I got to work, fleshing out the idea. What does freedom of the mind smell like. Is it bright, acerbic. Is it dark and unruly. Is it structured with an option to push the boundaries, or is it just plain old anarchy.

I am choosing to ride the rails of anarchy with a nod to structure and a lot of dark and unruly. Also strangeness. There will be strange and peculiar and odd and like free jazz, a desire to run naked through the streets of syncopated rhythms, thumbing my nose at the world. ok... so that last one is just another way of saying anarchy. Anarchy it is.

Freedom of the mind is anarchy. and to pun a quote. I love the smell of anarchy in the morning...

Freedom of The Mind: The painting.

A Perfume: Fall 2023.... more to come.

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